Mountain Goat Kids was created by a group of five fathers who built a friendship while running the trails along Denver’s front range. As runners and parents, we feel compelled to expose children to the amazing—and often humbling—experiences of spending time outdoors.

Our trail series was created with the goal of challenging children to live healthy and active lifestyles. Through these fun activities, kids develop an intrinsic appreciation for nature’s playground.

meet the founders

HeathKirschnerheath kirschner

A Colorado native, Heath grew up with a love of the mountain. Today he is passionate about passing that awe and respect to his two daughters.

Heath has competed in triathlons, marathons, and ultra-marathons, including the Boston Marathon and North Face Endurance Challenge.

PaulLandrypaul landry

Originally from Florida, Paul and his family of four have quickly developed an appreciation for the Rocky Mountains and Colorado’s beautiful year-round weather.

Although Paul likes to call himself the “senior citizen” of the group, his feats—which include completing the legendary Leadville 100 and finishing the Boston Marathon in staggering time year after year—are quite impressive.

JoeBergjoe berg

Hailing from Wisconsin, Joe cannot spend enough time on the trails. You can often find him hiking, biking, and running with his wife and three children.

As a two-time Ironman and podium finisher in the Leadman Competition (the ultimate endurance challenge), Joe has competed in long-distance activities for years.

PatSullivanpat sullivan

A Colorado native, Pat is the resident fast guy, posting some crazy marathon times and winning the 2014 Colfax Marathon, as well as the North Fork 50 miler.

Pat gets most of speed work in while chasing his three children.

TomAmbletom amble

A Janesville, WI native, Tom is the newest to trail running but he destroyed his first 50 miler—and attributes his race weight to wrangling his three kiddos and procuring things for tech firms.